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Unfortunately it's not all about chocolate and an early surf with your mates, so we asked a question "What is Easter all about?"

One friday, over 2,000 years ago Jesus, the son of God was crucified by the romans. After he died he was buried in a tomb sealed by a rock, when his family and friends went too visit his tomb the rock wasn't there and an angel had told them that Jesus had risen from the dead. Jesus' death and resurrection means if we believe in him we are reconciled with God.

Easter is one of the most important events as its marks what Jesus has done for us, it's a good time to celebrate with family and friends. We know it can be hard talking to others about God, but easter is a great way of helping others think about Jesus and what he has done.

Churches over the world come together to celebrate Easter, our closest church is St Matthew's Manly and you can find all their Easter information here

Below we have got some more information that we found helpful about Easter.

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