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CSY Winter Camp 2021


Dear Parents, these coming July holidays, Christian Surfers Youth Manly (CSY) are heading north to Scotts Head for the annual Winter Camp. The 5-day camp will be an awesome opportunity to get away, hang out with friends, join in fellowship, hear an awesome series of talks, and, of course, catch some waves together. Below are the details of the upcoming winter camp, along with information on when and how to register.



Winter Camp takes place at Scotts Head Christian Youth Centre. For more information on the site, and details on accommodation and facilities, please follow this link:

Or, to see a promotional video that our very own Tasman Van Loon created from last’s years camp, follow this link:














The camp will take place from Wednesday 7th -Sunday 11th of July.

How are we getting there?

This year we will be hiring a 40 seater coach to drive us up to Scotts Head. Don’t fret though! We will have a few trailers going up designated to transporting surfboards.

What we will be doing on Camp?

As the title of ‘surf camp’ suggests, we will indeed be surfing! Scotts Head is one of the best surfing locations on Australia’s east coast and is ideal for the varying degrees of surfing ability, offering great waves for beginners and pro’s. The camp will also be an awesome opportunity to dive into Gods word through a series of talks, discipleship groups and quiet times! On top of all the surfing we will be doing over the 5 days, the camp schedule will be jam-packed with other activities and fun stuff.


Water safety- whilst there will be first aid and water safety trained leaders and camp parents in the water and on the beach at all time when surfing, it is a minimum requirement for your son/ daughter to be above average in both swimming and paddling. Beyond these minimum requirements, it is at the parent’s discretion whether they feel comfortable letting their son/ daughter attend.


A dedicated catering team will be traveling to camp with us this year with the sole responsibility of feeding us all! However, we’d love your help! If you are willing and able to prepare one dinner meal to be taken up to camp then please let us know! You will of course be reimbursed.

Who’s Going?

The camp is open to all guys and girls in high school (years 6-12). There is no doubting that this is an enormous mission with serious supervision and safety measures needed for it to run smoothly and safely. Not only will there be an excess of trained and experienced CSY leaders present throughout the whole camp, but we are fortunate to have a great bunch of camp parents join us and assist throughout the camp.



  1. Nick Meakes (CSY Director)

  2. Hugo Wrench

  3. Jonah Van Loon

  4. Jonah Puttansuu

  5. Nick France

  6. Tasman Van Loon

  7. Isabella Meakes

  8. Lani Daniels

  9. Liana Smith

  10. Em Van Loon

Camp Parents:

  1. Ben & Julie Sommerville

  2. Jess van Loon

  3. Ben Jackson


  1. Laura Van Loon

  2. Jed Buckley

  3. Sam Harvey

  4. Matt Priest

  5. Will Prentice

  6. Claudia Hayman




To register for camp, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.


Spots for camp are limited, so please sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot and to help us with planning. Registration will close on the 18th of June.


Yours Faithfully,


Nicholas Meakes,

CSY Manly Coordinator

Ph: 0400973231



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