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CS Manly was established in mid-2016, with one goal, to reach young surfers of Manly and introduce them to the Gospel.

Since the commencement, CS has grown rapidly bringing along youth from all walks of life. Each week at CS we surf, eat Aldi snags and dedicate time to the word of God. We as Christian Surfers believe that above all else, God and his Word reigns true in the hearts of everyone who hears and believes the message of the gospel. 

Christian Surfers Manly, is also a part of the broader community Christian Surfers Australia. As a part of that community we share the same values and visions. Click the link below to view our statement of faith.

Christian Surfers Manly is now coordinated by Darcy & Jono Morton. The team at Christian Surfers Manly is excited to announce that all ages are welcome to all our events!

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